Applesauce for lunch, again! I’m ordering carry-out. Mmm, subs, fried rice, pizza….

Alyssa. Bing. July 19, 2014.

The robotic vacuum cleaner ate my homework. 

Bing. July 19, 2014. 
 I’m putting my mouth on a diet; even my dog won’t talk to me.

Miriam Loeb. Child at Window. Bing. May 15, 2011.  
Play outside?  But Mom, there’s weather out there! 

Robotics and Automation. Bing. April 18, 2014.
They don't wash dishes, but they don't talk back, either.

Michael Bentley. Hot Pizza. Bing. July 20, 2012.
Mom, where does pizza come from?

He's so 20th century.  He wears earbuds with eyeglasses!


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